The Body’s Condition

How developed is your body? Or, in what condition have you kept your body? Neither old age nor traumas can be excuses or obstacles here. If your body was once formed and developed, but then you allowed it to degenerate, the fault lies squarely on your shoulders for squandering away the previous hard-earned investment in yourself.  Systema Manual, Konstantin Komarov, p 215

If my body’s condition has deteriorated, I have squandered a valuable asset. The responsibility for keeping it up and maintaining it belonged solely to me, and I let it go. How is this similar to saving a bunch of money, and then wasting it all on junk? It all comes down to the failure to assume responsibility. Whether this happened by blaming someone else for my behavior, or by a lack of care about results and outcomes, the power to control the state of my body at the present moment was held by my self of the past. The state of my body in the future is a function of the state of my body now, and my future behaviors and actions. It will be evidence of the sum total of my life’s decisions and actions as of that moment. It always is.



Nothing stays the same for a day, an hour, or even a second. Night turns into day; the snows of winter bring forth the blossoms of spring. We are born and we die. Birth and death, decay and rebirth, the cycle of life – all is change. Change is life, and the ability to change is the essential element of growth. The freedom founded upon the realization and acceptance of this truth, that nothing stays the same, is the source of the power of true creativity.

Aikido and the Harmony of Nature, Mitsugi Saotome, p 23.

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